The Hellsing manga has been released in English by Dark Horse Comics. If you live in an area where they're available, please buy them. If not, this torrent can help you out.

And if you'd like to see other works of Kōta Hirano's, as well as some nifty Hellsing media, you've come to the right place.


Hellsing Ultimate OVA
Episode I trailer
Episode II trailer


Logos Naki World (opening theme)
MIDI file one
MIDI file two

Broken English (original OVA trailer theme)
Trailer version by Schaft
Full version by Sunscreem
Issue 1

WWII-era hentai featuring proto-Pip and proto-Major
Full version
Hentai-free version

Desert Guardian ("Captain's Story")
More WWII-era hentai, this one with a proto-Captain as the hero
Censored version from Hiranomoe

Hellsing: The Dawn
Canon backstory of Hellsing, with Walter and Girlycard
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Untranslated Manga
More samples of Hirano's pre-Hellsing work are available here. (Scroll down.)

The Legends of Vampire Hunter
Hentai short, a prototype of Hellsing Order 01.

Angel Dust: Revenge Bible
Hentai story featuring a proto-Alex.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Doc's Story
Hentai short featuring proto-Doc, Hitler, and a catgirl.

Daisoutou Sabasaba
More hentai. Some Nazis capture a catgirl. You can see where this is going.

Gunmania (Read online)
The adventures of an insane hitman who does a lot of shooting things.
Chapters 1-3

Evangelion parodies
A couple of early short doujinshi.
Our Heart Haitsu Shiga
Komanda Supirittsu

Dai-Doujin Monogatari
A story about a would-be mangaka and the secret organization out to get him. Features several prototypes of familiar faces.
Volume 1

Untranslated Hellsing Doujinshi

Innocent - one-shot, IntegraxSeras (hentai)

Ja! Aundessen - seven parts, Alucardxyoung!Walter (hentai, non-con)

BE - one-shot, IntegraxAlucard with ensemble (sultry but non-explicit)


Young King Ours illustrations
High-quality, text-free YKO Hellsing covers.

2002 Hellsing calendar
Compilation of the best scans I could find.


Most of the scanslating was done by The Birds of Hermes. The Dawn 2-4 done by frozen_drops; 5 is from ATU-BOTI. OVA subbing by AonE.

If I've missed anybody in the credits, please call me on it.

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