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Story ideas generally go into Shine, but these are the fics I've written.

Curiosity (~930 words)
The assignment: Pick a pairing. (Doesn't have to be romantic, so long as it's an interaction.) Went with Pip and Seras. Some philosophy; some perviness.

The woman with two hearts! Blessed are the pure (~2700 words)
The assignment: Pick a fandom. (Must not be taken by someone else participating.) Went with - of course - Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon. Yumiko returns to Japan in the middle of SMS.

Christmas Conversation (100 words)
For a Christmas contest. First tentative foray into DandyxHuntress fic.

Spring Cleaning (~670 words)
For the hellsing-drops community, Huntress/Dandy pairing. Theme is #66 - Rituals. Warning for Major in a pink frilly apron.

Three Valentines (~1000 words)
For hellsing-drops again. Theme is #29 - Valentine, and it makes full use of the pun. Rip and Alhambra go recruiting in London in February.

Five Billion Years Later...
For hellsing-drops, theme #86 - Dying Sun. The remnants of Rip and Alhambra's existence.

In The Beginning
For hellsing-drops, theme #33 - Angel. Yumiko thinks she's plagued by a demon. Then she meets Heinkel.

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