Welcome to the graphics section of Shine Hell! Featuring, for your viewing pleasure, all sorts of nifty little items. Take; use; enjoy! Just give credit to Erin Ptah, and a link back here.

What you'll find on Shine Hell: Visual Candy:

Buddy icons. Show off your Hellsing love over AIM. (Assuming your screenname isn't already Hellsing-related.)

LiveJournal icons. LJ and other journaling services allow you to upload multiple icons. If you don't have any Hellsing ones, you're wasting space.

Cartoon dolls. They're little, they're pixelated, they're oh-so-nifty. Good for turning into all kinds of site graphics.

Desktop backgrounds. Can't let someone borrow your computer without seeing your fandom.

Finally, Alucard's sigil. Explanation of the script, plus a high-res black-and-white scan. Just in case you need one.

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