And Shine Heaven Now

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Shine sites

Satellite sites for the webcomic.

And Shine Hell(sing) Now - The Hellsing branch

And Shine England Then - The Victorian Romance Emma branch

The Case for AxI - A focused little legal presentation

Lyrics Naki World - Resources relating to Hellsing music

Falling Into A Trap With A Sexy Lure - A baobhan sith character fanpage

Erin Ptah dot com - The parent site

Link to Shine

Banners and buttons to use for links.

By Degan

By Matt

By Mellers

By Aria the Insane

By Sleepyninja

By Blake

By Elizabeth

Read Or Die (R.O.D)

R.O.D Media Library

R.O.D Wiki


Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon

(Features HxM dōjin scans)

(Sprites & graphics)

(Art, fic, and Sailor Generator)

The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko

Alan's Art Studio (CG fanart)

Other Fandoms

Doctor Who official site

++ Night Exile ++ (Matsuri Akino manga scanlations)

Web Design

Resources to keep your website in good shape.

W3C Markup Validation Service - checks code for errors, standard practices

Web Page Analyzer - helps optimize loading time

Browsershopts - checks appearance across platforms

WAVE - evaluates accessibility

Smashing Magazine - fonts, layouts, coding, and general design advice

Color Schemer - automatically generated color coordination

Good Causes

GoodSearch - googling for charity

Kiva - if you can't afford to donate, try loaning