And Shine Heaven Now

Drawings and vids created by readers. For the less artistically inclined, take a shot at the Cameo Contest, or check out You Know You Read Shine Too Much When...

Fan Art

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Straight-up Hellsing characters:

By Casandraelf Integra, by Casandraelf.

By Elin_Darlling Integra again, by Elin_Darling.

By AngelKiller666 Yet another Integra, by AngelKiller666.

By RaelinABV Still more of my favorite character, by RaelinABV.

Inspired by Shine:

By KitsuneSam Alucard with a fangirl, by KitsuneSam.

By vkitty9 Alucard at the blood drive, by vkitty9.

By CaitlinWonder_Girl Walter with a fangirl, by CaitlinWonderGirl.

By Lupinrager Shoujocard, by Lupinrager.

By SolusHitori Shoujocard again, by SolusHitori.

By Willowanderer Seras and Dracula from the time travel storyline, by Willowanderer.

By Asphodels Integra from her Christmas dream storyline, by Asphodels.

By justmyimagination Another Alucard fangirl, by justmyimagination.

By Casandraelf Marian in Gaia style, by Casandraelf.

By Casandraelf Reseda in Gaia style, also by Casandraelf.

By mollysugar Madeline, by mollysugar.

By WarpObscura Alucard as the Tenth Doctor, by WarpObscura.

By AtticusBlackwolf One of Alucard's more obscure forms, by AtticusBlackwolf.

Featuring the artist:

By Elizabeth Old drawing by Elizabeth.

By Nikita "Integra the Erin fangirl (fanwoman? fanSir?)", by Nikita.

By Gabryel Adorable doll by Gabryel.

By SilentMagi Birthday art by SilentMagi.

By Mange-the-echidna As a hedgehog, by Mange-the-echidna (Caitlin).

By Casandraelf Gaiafied version, along with a bishi Jon Stewart, by Casandraelf.

By Bloody Shadow "Congrats on being legal!" - birthday gift from Bloody Shadow.