And Shine Heaven Now

If you'd like to commission some artwork, this is the page for you. If you just want to make a donation, read on.

Making Donations

Pick from one of the following amounts (visualized in terms of the art supplies they can buy), or come up with your own. All money transfers are through PayPal. Even a few dollars helps!

Click any button to donate:

$2 can help the artist stock up on pencils and erasers. Especially erasers. You can never have too many erasers.

$4 is the cost of a new pen. There are few things more frustrating than trying to ink a quality picture with worn-out pens.

$7 is the cost of a sketchbook. Most daily strips take up half a page, and most Sunday strips end up filling about a page, though they can run two pages or more.

$15 is the cost of a full set of pens. These can handle a variety of line weights, from thick panel borders to the smallest fine details in Integra's eyes. (Mmm, Integra's eyes.)

Choose your own donation amount! Make it large enough, and the artist will finally be able to buy that Jackal she's always wanted. ...Or pay rent. Okay, realistically, it'll probably go towards the rent.