A long, long time ago - way back in March of '03 - I went on a doll-creating kick. What can I say? They're fun. (If you want to see the fruit of that labor, click here.)

Four months later, I thought it would be rather sad if I never made any Hellsing dolls, so I made the first batch. And then I started taking requests, and the collection grew.

Here's the whole list, finally sorted by character. Bases are from Josie's Dollz.

Alucard, in his many forms:

Integral, some more in-character than others:

Movie requests, Alucard and Integral as the leads from Grease and West Side Story:
Integral as MariaAlucard as TonyIntegral as SandyAlucard as DannyIntegral as Sandra Dee

Seras, with her variety of colors:

Walter and Pip:

Section XIII:

The Millennium Nazis:
Zorin BlitzCaptain HansDocJanLukeThe MajorButlerRipRipSchroedinger

Pip and SerasPip and SerasAlucard and Integral

The Harkonnen Cannon

Want someone you don't see here? Think a character is underrepresented? Drop me a line and make a request!

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