And Shine Heaven Now

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Comics are marked with the following:

§ - warning for dark content (usually a horror comic)

(C) - officially completed

(H) - on author-declared hiatus

(D) - dormant or dead (i.e., not updated for years)


How Not To Run A Webcomic (metacomic, complete)

Blambot (free quality fonts)

The Webcomic List (encyclopedia of webcomics; see in particular Shine's entry)

TopWebComics (list of webcomics by ranking; vote for Shine)

Doujinshi and Fancomics

Lord of the Rings: DM of the Rings (C)

Doctor Who: Doctor Why (C)

Daily Show/Colbert Report: Fake News Rumble

Sailor Moon: Four King Hell

Sailor Moon: Moonstruck! (H)

Sailor Moon: New Moonlight

Labyrinth/Sailor Moon: Nothing Tra La La (Sailaby)

Hellsing: A New Menace

Hellsing: Penwood §

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon CS (H)

Sailor Moon: Tenth Charm (H)

Doctor Who: The Ten Doctors (C)

Sherlock Holmes: Warlock Sholmes

Labyrinth: Wishes: A Goblin Tale

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Grim Tales §

Powerpuff Girls, etc: Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Gag-A-Day Strips


Catball and Clown Girl (D)

Chopping Block §

FoundObjects (D)

Gemini: The Webcomic about Living Plural

Happle Tea

Hark! A Vagrant

I Drew This (C)

Mac Hall (C)

Mass Production (D)

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

The Parking Lot is Full (C)

Witticisma (D)

The Whole Nine Yards (D)

Vicious Lies (D)

2009.12.17 (D)

The Robman Show

Inside The Box (H)

Gag Strips With Plot

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Casey and Andy (C)

Head Trip

Ozy and Millie (C?)

Paul (C)

Paul and Kyra

Phil Likes Tacos

Queen Of Wands (C)

Skinny Panda (D)

The Princess

Tonja Steele

User Friendly

Hole in the Wall (C)

In His Likeness

Kevin and Kell

Apoc High (D)

Thorn (C?)

Loserz (C)

Girly (C)


Alternate Delusions

Boy Meets Boy (C)


Elf Only Inn (D)

Girls With Slingshots

Legostar Galactica

StickManStickMan (C)

and its reboot (D)

Plot Strips With Gags

95 Gallons (C)

Arthur, King of Time and Space

Bruno the Bandit (H)


Li'l Mell and Sergio

Mory's Education (C)

Narbonic (C)

Order of the Stick


Tsunami Channel

Xartan'Delic (C)

Kid Radd (C)

The Class Menagerie (C)

Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy

Muertitos (C?)

Omoshiroku! (D)

Angel Moxie (C)

Gunnerkrigg Court


Venus Envy (D)

Girl Genius

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki

Adventurers! (C)

Cinderblock (D)


Eggbert (D)


I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!!

Mechagical Girl A.N.T. (D)

Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy


One Over Zero (C)

What Is Roleplaying


Plot Strips

Delusionary State


Sugar Bits

Tales of the Questor

Made In Heaven (D)

No Rest For The Wicked §

Pastel Defender Heliotrope (C) §


Indefensible Positions (C) §

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan (C)

Unsorted Comics

(I'll pull myself together and get caught up with these eventually.)

[11-4] General Protection Fault

[1.14] Melonpool